To War

Did you see that the Senate voted to require women to register for the draft, starting in 2018? It’s not a law yet; it needs to be passed in the House of Representatives and the President has to sign off, as well. But half of our law makers decided that this was the next step for the women of our nation.


I’ve got two thoughts on this:

First, this was an easy step to take. All the infrastructure is in place. If you were called for the draft and had a child or children, all you would need to do is find full-time childcare for them. Even one generation ago, our mothers would have thought long and hard about whether leaving their children for extended military training or deployment was a good idea. (If you don’t believe me, go watch the movie Beethoven.) Now, we don’t worry about it. Paying somebody else to raise your children is no longer a social experiment. It’s normal. Too bad we didn’t examine the data before we decided this.

Second, this is an official statement that moms are not important. Since the age when you would be most helpful for the armed forces corresponds directly to your best years for childbearing, it makes sense to conclude that many of these women being drafted could have children. By pulling them away from their children, we’re making it official policy that there is no reason a substitute cannot raise your children. In fact, as a friend of mine was recently told in a grocery store, an early childhood educator knows more about the abilities of your children than you do. The idea that there is something necessary or even special about a mother raising her own children is gone. Get the moms and kids out of the house: they’re not needed there anymore.

One final thought:

Will we all get a lot better at civil disobedience if this becomes law? I hope so.

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