Hidden Art Friday: Trim

As part of our floor re-do, we are having to fix a lot of the baseboards. There are multiple layers of paint on the woodwork, several of them only after the carpet went on. So when the carpet came up, the bottom inch of every baseboard in the house got a lot uglier.

IMG_2571 IMG_2473 IMG_2471 .The stairs are the worst, since carpet was covering the risers.



Because the layers of paint above the carpet are so thick, it’s not just a matter of repainting the baseboards. First, they have to be scraped and sanded so that it’s an even surface to repaint. This makes a dusty mess.


After cleaning up the dust with wet rags and letting that dry, I can finally paint the trim. But it takes forever, since I have to be super careful to not get any on our brand new refinished floors!


On the left is before, and on the right, after. In some of the rooms, the gap between the baseboards and the floor is up to a half-inch. To fix this, we will need to add quarter round and paint that, but for right now, that project has been put on the multi-year list.

The most startling difference is on the stairs:

Stairs Stairs

Right after the floors were finished, I had started on some of the stairs and upstairs in the attic. Unfortunately, since then we’ve had multiple projects come up that needed our immediate attention, so this project has been shelved until probably the winter. My goal this winter will be just to spend a few minutes on it every day, slowly working my way down from the attic to the main floor. It is amazing how much the baseboards make a difference in how finished your house feels!

Coming up over the next months: paint colors, refinishing old doors, and a fireplace restoration!

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One Response to Hidden Art Friday: Trim

  1. Bethany says:

    I’m eating up every step of your renovations! And knowing how much work each small step takes from our own home renovation, I admire your diligence immensely!

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