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We are just coming off a reunion with all the E2S founders and our families.  When I sent the other moms a picture of our combined 17 kids, Bethany replied that we are so rich!  It is true.  These precious children are a priceless treasure.  We have the privilege of dedicating our youth, our energy, our education, the best of what is in us to cultivate this treasure.

I recently read about a man who inherited a Caravaggio painting.  He educated himself about his inheritance and dedicated a considerable amount of time and energy and money to ensuring it would survive to be appreciated by his descendants, and 200 years later, you can go to London and see it and be awestruck.  The painting was worth all the inconvenience.

How much more are our children worth the sacrifices made for their sake?  These days, we moms are told to go use the best of ourselves on careers and to leave the crumbs of our energy, patience, and time for our families.  We at E2S choose to differ.  We are richly blessed, and our children are worthy of being treasured.

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