Real Housewives of E2S: 12:43 pm

This is what I’m doing today instead of reading A Cricket in Times Square aloud to my kids for our Friday book club. They’re listening to it via audiobook, and I’m trying desperately to catch up on my reading list. Yep, you read that right.  I’m not reading aloud to my kids today because I’m reading to myself.  This is today’s goal. I’ll be sitting in a doctor’s office all afternoon, so I’m bringing all four along.

Totally not overambitious when I tell you I’m halfway through three of them, right?  Top one for the blog, second for my own enjoyment/another E2S reunion discussion, next one is pre-reading for my 10 year old, last one is rereading because I already preread and okayed this series a couple years ago, but I need to refresh my mind in order to discuss it with him.  Our oldest two are at the stage where they don’t want to read any of the 150 books in our home that we’ve pre-read and approved.  They want to go to the library and get new ones!  I use a bunch of resources and book reviews to weed out lousy ones in the first place, but it’s important to me to be able to discuss the book together, particularly the ones that cover heavier subject matter (like WWII or just war theory, just to touch on today’s two kid books).  I love children’s/middle great lit, I really do, and I love sitting around with stacks of books to read and half a dozen started, but I am sooooo far behind, and even with 2-3 books a day, I think it will be impossible to catch up before we head out of town in five weeks.  Real housewives of E2S have too many books to read and too little time!

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