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E2S moms and kidsAnna and Emily are two college friends married to our college sweethearts. With Bethany, we began blogging in 2013 as an outgrowth of our own long email exchanges on the topics you see here—motherhood as vocation, caring for children and home, and our reactions to cultural views of stay-at-home moms. We’re in the trenches of this calling as wives and mothers; between the two of us, we have ten children aged three to 13 years, and right now, we homeschool them all.

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Because we are moms with families, our writing will not always be consistent, as it changes with the seasons of life. We aim to intersperse time-consuming posts on the philosophy of motherhood with simple encouragement and other things that we enjoy.  Each of us has slightly different interests: Emily loves to encourage other young moms and share details from her daily life-with-four. Bethany occasionally guest posts on the impact of stay-at-home mothers on children. Anna writes a little of both, exploring the philosophy of motherhood, and dabbling in the nuts-and-bolts of motherhood, particularly with a special needs child.

E2S momsWe’re also blessed with many like-minded friends, and you can check out some of their guest posts here:

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