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Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday!  Well, I’d promised you pictures of all the DIY projects I was going to do this fall to get ready for moving into this new home, but they didn’t really happen.  And I’m still in the throes of unpacking and figuring out where all the stuff needs to go in the new place, so the few projects I have done aren’t photo ready yet.  Here’s one little project that I managed to complete last week:

img_20160108_132411496.jpgThis lovely piece of original artwork was created for my girls by their Aunt Jennifer, the talented artist responsible for this blog’s artwork.  This is the first time the three of them are living in a room that wasn’t their brother’s first, so I wanted to embrace the chance to go girlie and use pink!  When I went frame shopping, the store was low on the size of frames I wanted.  I ended up settling for this white frame, but the light mat that came with it would have totally washed out the ballerina.  I fully intended to go find a pink mat for the picture before we moved out to the rural small town where we now reside, but it somehow didn’t happen.  And when I looked at buying pink mats online, they were ridiculously expensive.  So I decided to pull out the kids’ watercolors and paint the mat pink myself!  It’s not perfect, but I actually kind of like that since Jennifer’s work is one-of-a-kind, the mat is unique, too.  It’s definitely so much better than black or white at pulling out the pink in the artwork, and it gives the girls’ bedroom wall a distinctly girlie feel.  And it was a free solution, with supplies I already had on hand.

(And of course, while I avoided having to drive back to civilization to find a frame store for this mat, the next day, one of the kids broke the glass in my largest picture frame, and I’m going to have to drive back to civilization to find a frame store where I can replace the glass in this frame.  Sigh.  You win some, you lose some.)

Next week, I’ll try to take some pictures of the curtains my mom and I dyed (!) for the girls’ huge sliding door windows!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Hidden Art Friday

Happy Friday, everybody!

As the days are darker and shorter, we have been doing more inside activities lately. Usually this means a lot more reading aloud. My kids don’t sit still well while reading, though. They listen best (and longest!) if they’ve got something for their hands to do while they’re listening. Sometimes this is coloring, sometimes it’s doing intricate dot-to-dots, and sometimes it’s finger knitting.

I love finger knitting. It doesn’t involve needles and stitches or complicated casting-on, and it’s easy for even a five-year-old to learn. It helps develop their fine motor skills, getting them ready for needles, without frustrating them. My son even enjoys it.

FingerKnittingWhile my girls are happy to finger knit with no project in mind, my son likes to finger knit to an end. Last year, he helped me make this wreath:

FingerKnitWreathThis year, he has been working on garlands for different parts of the house.



There are many great tutorials on youtube to get started, as well as lots of great pinterest ideas for things you can do with finger knitting. Does anybody else do this with their kids? What do they like to make?

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Hidden Art Friday


I pinned this easy chalkpaint two years ago. And then again last summer, forgetting I had already pinned it. Whoops! With August just around the corner, I decided it is was now or never. I could not be more thrilled with the results!

This art project is truly amazing! The supplies are relatively inexpensive (food dye, corn starch, water and paint brushes/sponges). The paint is easy to make–an older child could do it. The mess stays outside. The art is large-scale. People of all ages enjoy it (from my 23-month-old all the way up to me!). And the art is open-ended; you can use brushes, sponges, twigs, rocks. You can paint, drip or even “throw” the paint on the surface. I say this because my kids discovered “splatter painting” ala Jackson Pollock although they know nothing about him yet!

One note of advice. Prepare a separate cup of paint for young toddlers. My little guy was mixing all the colors together until I gave him his own cup.

Some other summer ideas that I hope to cram in at the last minute:

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Montana: Where my camera comes out of hibernation.


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