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Summer on the Blog

It’s June, dear readers, and that means that Anna and I are heading out of town for summer vacation!  We’ll be spending the next couple months investing in our families rather than blogging here.  And we are really excited about a new blog series we’ll be starting in August.  We may occasionally pop in here for a Hidden Art Friday post, but otherwise, the best way to keep up with us is on our facebook page, where we’ll be posting popular posts from our archives all summer long!  Be sure to “like” us there to get our notifications (and if you already like us but don’t see us in your feed, try going to our page and liking one of the posts–this will tell facebook that you want to interact with us).

Have a wonderful summer!

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Encouragement For Hard Days

Things are a bit quiet on the blog at the moment, because Anna and I are tending to sick kids, homeschooling, and generally taking care of our families.  I’m currently using my regularly scheduled blogging time to read The Mommy Brain at the request of my friend and faithful E2S reader Catherine.  Expect a book review eventually!  And really, if anyone else has a book or article about moms or kids or parenthood that you’d like us to review, please do ask us in the comments!

In the meantime, here are some blog posts I’ve been revisiting for encouragement and inspiration of late:

Rachel Jankovic’s post over at Femina on When the Milkshake Runs Low is one that I reread every year when my energy and attitude are flagging.

Bethany’s post on Bon bons for the Modern Mom is a good reminder about my use of the internet and what my priorities should be.

Like Mother, Like Daughter’s Leila had a very applicable post for me last week on taking care of a sick child at home!

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Summer Vacation

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

As you may or may not have noticed, my posting lately has been lacking in luster (but not Emily’s!).  While I can partially blame this on our absolutely lousy internet connection this summer (really, Verizon??), I think summer mom brain is also to blame.

So, we are going to take a summer vacation here at e2s. It won’t be too long–we’ll be back on August 18. When we return, you’ll see a week of rice-and-bean dinners, including the winner of our contest (did you submit a favorite?). In September, we’ll talk a little more about our homeschooling philosophies, some of the ‘why’ we homeschool, instead of the ‘how’ we did last year. And of course, you can continue to expect more thrilling cultural commentary, challenges and encouragement to moms, and projects around the house with Hidden Art Fridays.

Have a wonderful summer, dear readers!

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Book Club Reading Plan

ten waysAre you joining the E2S Book Club?  As we announced last week, we’re reading Anthony Esolen’s Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child.  We’re starting this week, but we’re just discussing the introduction to give everyone the chance to order the book and read along with us.  Esolen doesn’t pull the punches–check out this zinger from his introduction:

Some years ago, American feminists, in their own right no inconsiderable amazons against both childhood and the imagination, invented something called Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  “See, Jill, this is the office where Mommy works.  Here is where I sit for nine hours and talk to people I don’t love, about things that don’t genuinely interest me, so that I can make enough money to put you in daycare.”

Whew!  Want to talk about that with us?  Here’s how it works.  For each chapter, we’ll start a new thread on our facebook page.  When you have read the chapter, join us in discussing his ideas, taking issue with his assertions, or sharing what inspired you or bugged you.  We’ll be reading a chapter each week, but you can feel free to join in at any point along the way.  Because we need accountability ourselves, we’re setting up this weekly reading plan.  Just one chapter a week is manageable, right?  If I cut 5 minutes out of my facebook checking each day, I’d have over half an hour more a week to read.

Feb 9-15 Introduction: A Bad Day for Grendel
Feb 16-22 Why Truth is Your Enemy, and the Benefits of the Vague or Gradgrind, without the Facts
Feb 23-Mar 1 Method 1: Keep Your Children Indoors as Much as Possible or They Used to Call It “Air”
Mar 2-8 Method 2: Never Leave Children to Themselves or If Only We Had a Committee
Mar 9-15 Method 3: Keep Children Away from Machines and Machinists or All Unauthorized Personnel Prohibited
Mar 16-22 Method 4: Replace the Fairy Tale with Political Cliches and Fads or Vote Early and Often
Mar 23-29 Method 5: Cast Aspersions upon the Heroic and Patriotic or We Are All Traitors Now
Mar 31-Apr 5 Method 6: Cut All Heroes Down to Size or Pottering with the Puny
Apr 6-12 Method 7: Reduce All Talk of Love to Narcissism and Sex or Insert Tab A into Slot B
Apr 13-19 Method 8: Level Distinctions between Man and Woman or Spay and Geld
Apr 20-26 Method 9: Distract the Child with the Shallow and Unreal or The Kingdom of Noise
Apr 27-May 3 Method 10: Deny the Transcendent or Fix above the Heads of Men the Lowest Ceiling of All


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