Frequently Asked Questions

You have large families—when do you have time to blog?

We don’t watch as much TV as the average adult. Most of our blogging is done after our kids are in bed. And we’ve decided to sacrifice other leisure time activities because we feel this blog is a ministry God has called us to at this time.

So do you girls agree on everything?

No. While we share many common values—our Christian faith, our conviction that full-time motherhood is a vital and important job, our decision to home school our kids, and many shared interests and hobbies such as sewing, baking, and photography—we have differences of opinion on many things. We try to highlight some of those in our theme weeks, where we all share our own take on a topic related to motherhood and/or homemaking. We disagree adamantly on some things, and we’ve chosen not to focus on those differences here. We love and respect each other, but one woman’s post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the others.

Do you think that staying home is the only way to be a good mom?

As you can see from our theme weeks, we think there is not one right way to do motherhood. However, we do believe that little children need their moms, and we’re saddened that the message of feminism has encouraged so many women to outsource the care of their children in the name of personal fulfillment. While there are certainly circumstances—single motherhood, widowhood, husband’s illness, etc—in which moms are forced to be their family’s primary breadwinner, these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Can you address __________ topic?

We love to answer questions related to motherhood and homemaking. We’re pretty opinionated, you know. Please send any inquiries, comments, or motherhood articles to

When do you post?

We try to post on a predictable schedule, but our families always take priority, so if you don’t hear from us for a few weeks, we’re tending to our own kids and homes.  Emily generally blogs on Mondays. Anna generally blogs on Wednesdays. We alternate sharing Hidden Art Friday posts, and we cycle in guest contributors as needed.

Do you believe that homeschooling is the only way to be a good mom?

We both are homeschoolers right now because we believe that is the best choice for our families at this point in time. We are happy to share our insights on homeschooling with you, but every family has different circumstances that dictate what the best choice is for them.