Why We Blog

While we’ve discussed the topics on this blog for over a decade, we decided to share our thoughts in a public forum in the summer of 2012. All three of us had recently moved across the country as our husbands had all started new jobs, and as we struggled to find like-minded friends and a new support network, we were struck by how little full-time motherhood is respected, even by women who have made the choice to stay home themselves. Everywhere we turned, young women were told to pursue career ahead of family, young moms were told that raising their own children was a waste of their education, and the media was full of praise for powerful women who claimed they were “having it all” (by working full-time and relegating the raising of their children to others). After a year of prayer (how would three busy mothers have time to blog?), we entered the blogosphere in 2013.

Our Mission Statement:

In a world of feminism where being “just” a wife and mother is the only unacceptable career choice, we seek to defend women who have chosen to stay home with their kids, and also persuade young women to embrace this worthy and necessary calling. We also hope to encourage mothers through our writing, praying that those who are in the throes of motherhood with us will be strengthened, as we have been strengthened and encouraged by each other. Above all, we seek to glorify God with our actions and words, and pray that our musing on this blog will challenge, delight, and benefit you, our readers!

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